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Guided by relentless focus on servicing our clients well, we strive to achieve and exceed our vision in providing unparalleled services. In doing so, we will deliver operational excellence in every aspect that we can and exceed our commitments to our clients every day. All of our long-term strategies and short-term goals are molded by a set of core values that are shared by each and every one of our members and associates.

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SiRON Technologies is your local Mississauga-based full-service Managed IT Services company, providing a wide range of exceptional technology solutions and best in class client service to for-profit and not-for-profit businesses and organizations for over 25 years.
Whether you need complete IT Managed Services to handle all of your technology, IT Consulting to help you plan, budget and manage migration or implementation projects, or whether you need day-to-day support to keep your business running smoothly, we believe you should never have to wonder what’s next when it comes to your technology ecosystem.

Managing IT is not just about resolving computer issues, it is about supporting your mission, removing uncertainty and helping you reach your business goals.

We have the Ability, Privilege and Responsibility to Design + Build a Better Solution for you!

Our Clients

In order to ensure the success of our clients and their businesses, we at SiRON Technologies are in constant communication with our clients and gathering information about the changes and emerging trends in their industries, and understanding their competitors. With this information we can target and deliver technology solutions on an ongoing basis.
Our core clients are SME Clients. What does that mean? Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) is a business which, due to its size has different IT requirements, and often faces different IT challenges, than large enterprises do, and whose IT resources (usually budget and staff) are often highly constrained.
We are experts in managing SME environments, understanding SME budgets and constraints, and working within them.
For our large clients, our consulting and out-sourcing Teams handle large projects such as design, architecture, migrations and implementations.

Protecting Your Business is
Our Business

Training and maintaining an in-house IT department is costly. Partnering with a company dedicated to providing Managed IT Services, brings highly skilled workers at a fraction of the costs of hiring or paying consultants for services. Large businesses often have the resources necessary to maintain cutting edge technologies and services themselves, smaller businesses generally do not. This advantage plays out in numerous ways, such as in the level of productivity a company enjoys, its mobility and efficiency, and the means available to reach out to new markets. Outsourcing IT services provides a more equitable environment for both small and large organizations. Outsourcing allows everyone to stay focused on what they are skilled at, trained for, and paid to do. Having to divide your attention between core business functions and IT related concerns limits the potential of your role and ultimately your business. Who is minding your IT when your IT person is away? We provide 24×7 remote monitoring and management of your IT systems.

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